01 February 2004

Did the Hoff topple the Berlin Wall?

With a headline like that, we don't think this story requires a snide comment from us.

28 January 2004

Don't call it a comeback

Mere months after deciding that Popism was simply too much effort, we find ourselves falling into the old ways.

How could we not comment on John Lydon's contribution to I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here? Or George Galloway singing the praises of Aretha Franklin?

Galloway spoke this week about his love of Arethain the Guardian. His new political alliance, Respect, is named after Aretha's black-power anthem. Georgeous George is well known for his love of Cuban cigars and Armani suits, so his excellent taste in music is reassuring.

We believe his political views would have been rendered redundent had he expressed a life-long admiration for Chris de Burgh.

While Galloway works on a running spat with Ken Livingstone over the name Respect, we suggest you check out the quality Galloway gear available. We're particularly fond of the Enemy of the State t-shirt (yours for just £14).

Just three days into I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, John Lydon has exonerated himself from charges of selling out. His razor-sharp wit makes up for the banality of an Atomic Kitten, Jordan and friends.

Our favourite moment so far? Lydon announcing that he was going to re-enact his favourite film, The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner [Buy at Amazon].

09 November 2003

The Face has launched a weekly e-mail newsletter. Sign up at theface.co.uk.

31 October 2003

Too good to be true?

Popbitch claims that Andy Bell from Oasis is the cousin of Andy Bell from Erasure - and that both are cousins of legendary wrestler Giant Haystacks. We dearly hope this is true.

21 October 2003

"We haven't sold our shares in electroclash just yet"

The Pet Shops Boys' 10 Commandments of pop contains a wealth of good advice. Not least
"when you get famous, you do need a shredder"

19 October 2003

Stay lucky

The ever-readable Rocking Vicar tells us that BBC Radio 2 announced Robert Palmer's death with the explanation...

he was best known for 'Some Guys Have All The Luck'."

An iTune a day

Apple have finally released iTunes for the PC. It's sleek and easy to use when competitors are clumsy and clunky. It wipes the floor with the competition - WinAmp, Realplayer and Windows Media Player included. Download it free at apple.com/itunes.

14 October 2003

Between the covers

Why cover a song unless you're doing something interesting with it? The Gourds agree - they've done a bluegrass take on Snoop Dogg's gangsta rap classic Gin and Juice [Download here].

Likewise, Michael Jackson's Don't Stop Till You Get Enough gets the Kid 606-style glitch treatment by Jackstone and a reggae disco makeover by Derrick Laro and Trinity.

And we love the Futureheads take on A Picture of Dorian Gray by Television Personalities every bit as much as the original.

07 October 2003

Hip to be square

The Conservative Party Press Office has clearly been working overtime, using the same tricks New Labour made their own six years ago - fetishising youth and espousing hipster values. Much has been made of the Tories youthful resurgance, but is anyone really taken in by the Evening Standard magazine claiming conservatism is cool? Zoe Williams certainly isn't. But like New Labour before them, the Tories are realising the value of presentation and perception. The sympathetic media coverage must be the best news the Tories have had for years. As for whether anyone is prepared to vote for Ian Duncan Smith is another matter; the tone of recent coverage rather suggests that they are trying to rebrand the party in spite of him rather than with his leadership in mind.

04 October 2003

Things can only get better (part 2)

Our request for suggestions for New Labour campaign songs obviously caught a lot of imaginations. The forums on the newly redesigned ABCtales provided dozens of ideas:

  • I Want to Sex You Up - Color Me Badd
  • Public Private Partnership Dancer - Tina Turner
  • Grant Maintained School's Out - Alice Cooper
  • Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who
  • Reason to Believe - Rod Stewart
We've decided to capitalise on Number 10's new-found love of e-democracy and e-mailed Tony with our favourite suggestions.